Once upon a time, the left lane on the freeway was for passing slower cars. That sentiment was so ingrained that when I first got my learners permit, my grandma told me that if I was going to drive the speed limit I should just never go into the left lane. But recently it seems that it is just where some drivers like to sit, regardless of anything else going on. I recently witnessed a driver pull from the on-ramp immediately into the left lane when there were no cars in any of the lanes and then just stay there. (And for some reason the worst offenders seem to always drive Jeeps, but that may just be during my commute.)

But at least the word is getting out. NPR recently had a segment discussing the issue, mentioning that every state in the country at least has a law discouraging the practice. It leads to slower traffic movement overall and potential accidents. Someone who was ticketed for squatting in the left lane, but who is now hopefully safer and aware of the problems he used to create, made a video about what makes it dangerous:

In Colorado, it is a class A traffic infraction to drive in the left lane if not passing slower vehicles and if you can merge into the right lanes. Colo. Rev. Stat. § 42-4-1013. So if you finish passing someone, and there is another car you want to pass a little way ahead, pull over into the right lane until you get closer if possible. It’s polite, it’s efficient, and most importantly, it’s safer.

And if you are in a car wreck that may have been caused in part by a driver squatting in the left lane, make sure you contact a lawyer you can trust who can help you with your claim.