Many people have trouble knowing when to move their vehicle after an accident. It can cause more problems than just the accident. Earlier this week I saw an accident at an intersection just up the street from our office. Both cars were in in the right lane on Pikes Peak Avenue, but were partially blocking the cross street. The cars were just over the crest of a hill, and judging by the reactions of other cars, not visible to oncoming traffic. I saw both drivers walking around their cars. Yet the cars sat there with other cars swerving around them.

Thankfully there were no other accidents. Subsequent issues from people not knowing to move their vehicle after an accident, however, is a problem. The Colorado State Patrol says:

Every year in Colorado there are thousands of secondary accidents and hundreds of injuries that could have been prevented by simply moving crashes out of traffic. Colorado law (Colorado Revised Statute # 42-4-1602) requires that vehicles involved in a crash on a divided highway are moved to a safe location as long as there are no injuries and no drugs or alcohol involved. Those involved in the crash are still required to contact the police. For every ten minutes a road is blocked, the resulting traffic delay can last up to sixty minutes. Please do your part to avoid accidents from occurring in the first place. Slow down, avoid distractions, and follow at a safe distance.

What To Do

Many people who worry about whether they should move their vehicle after an accident worry about proving what happened. Sadly, many drivers lie to the police about what happened. If you can safely do so, quickly take some pictures before moving your vehicle.

Also, only move your vehicle if it is safe to do so. I do not know if the cars in the accident I saw this week could move, but sitting in an intersection with oncoming traffic was not safe. Both cars nearly ended up in more crashes while sitting there waiting, which would make an already bad situation worse.

If involved in an accident with cars that had been in a previous accident and not moved, you should contact a lawyer you can trust to help you figure out your rights.