Halloween is one of the best nights for families all year. Kids and parents around Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado are out together, laughing and having fun. But like everything else in our world, there are risks. A child is more than twice as likely to be hit by a car on October 31 than any other day.

Here are some tips to help you and your family stay safer and enjoy a wonderful Halloween:

  • Kids should go in groups and always with an adult—It is easier for motorists to see groups of children. Groups are especially visible is at least one in the group is an adult. If many in the group have a flashlight, even better.
  • Costumes should be bright and reflective—Although the all-in-black witch is an iconic Halloween costume, it does not help motorists see those kids. Try and incorporate reflective tape or clothing wherever possible.
  • Stick to neighborhoods you know—You know where the dangerous intersections and corners are in your neighborhood. Take special care in those areas, but that is easier when you know where the most likely problem areas are.
  • Leave your phone in your pocket—Take your pictures at home, then leave your phone in your pocket while you are out with the kids. It is a distraction you just don’t need that night. If you do pull it out to take pictures, make sure another adult is keeping watch.
  • Consider going to a group event—Many organizations present a variety of events for celebrating Halloween and fall in Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado. Most are specifically for families and/or for children of specific ages. They are easy to find through local media or by searching online and may be an alternative to trick-or treating.
Driving on Halloween
  • Watch out for trick-or-treaters—Most trick-or-treating happens between 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Be especially alert for kids on the streets during those hours. Make an extra effort to look for children at intersections, medians, curbs, and other unexpected places. Better yet, if you can, stay where you are during those hours.
  • Drive slowly—Excited children often dart out into the road trying to get to the next house, even when watched by an adult. Be especially alert in residential neighborhoods. You can’t control the kids, but you can control your speed.
  • Stay alert and sober—Halloween is also a popular holiday for adults. If you go to a Halloween party and drink, make arrangements to stay put or to be driven home. On the way to parties, put away phones. Don’t drive drunk. Don’t drive distracted.

Whatever you and your family choose to do for Halloween, we hope you have fun, and stay safe.