Slip and fall cases can quickly change the trajectory of the lives of those that are injured. What’s worse, these types of injury cases can take years to resolve.

If you’ve been injured by a serious fall, it may be useful to learn from others who have suffered similar injuries.

Here are five examples of horrible slip and fall cases, a synopsis of each case, and their outcome.

1) Colorado Slip and Fall Case

A woman named Barbara Jordan was walking on an uneven sidewalk and slipped outside of a building in Golden, Colorado. Jordan sued the property owner. Additionally, Jordan sued Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center, the largest tenant in the building where she fell.

She argued that the tenant didn’t follow Colorado’s Premises Liability Act, which establishes protections for property entrants and safety standards for property owners.

In 2013, Jordan’s case, which had been successful the year before, was denied by the Colorado Court of Appeals.

The case went to the Colorado Supreme Court in 2014, with the question now being whether or not the tenant was considered a landlord or owner of the property where Jordan had fallen.

In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that the tenant she had sued was not responsible for the sidewalk’s condition. The Court also ruled that the Premises Liability Act could not be utilized in his instance because the sidewalk was not the property of the tenant.

2) Kansas Slip and Fall Case

In 2016, a student at Hamilton Middle School fell at school on a rainy day: the student slipped as he was approaching a stair landing and broke his leg.

The student sued the Wichita school district and won his case, arguing that the fall caused medical expenses and personal injury.

The Wichita Public School Board of Education approved the student’s settlement of roughly $25,000.

3) Missouri Slip and Fall Case

All people are susceptible to slip and fall injuries—even fit, professional athletes. Former football player Reggie Bush, for example, was a victim of a slip and fall injury in late 2015.

The fall Bush suffered occurred while he was attempting to punt the football to the opposing team. Bush was pushed out of bounds and he fell on concrete.

Bush sought compensation once he discovered the fall injured his lateral meniscus of his left knee. The fall also impeded his chances of signing a better contract with another football team. Due to his injuries, Bush retired from the NFL in 2017.

A jury in St. Louis ruled that Bush’s injury, as well as damage to his professional career, were sufficient to warren compensation. The St. Louis Rams, now the Los Angeles Rams, was ordered to pay Bush $12.6 million dollars; $4.95 million in compensatory damages and $7.5 million in punitive damages.

4) New York Slip and Fall Case

In 2013, a woman named Aminata Kromah was injured in a slip and fall incident when she visited her friend’s apartment. Kromah fell down a set of stairs and shattered her ankle and legs.

Kromah and her attorneys argued the owners of the apartment complex knew of the building’s infrastructure problems. They also argued that even after the incident, the property owners only repaired five out of the 11 stairs where Kromah had fallen down.

Kromah was first awarded nearly $13 million in April 2017; however, her compensation was reduced to about $10 million after a judge’s intervention.

5) Texas Slip and Fall Case

Last year, Deana Briley slipped and fell on cherries at a Texas Walmart. The cherries had spilled onto the floor during a holiday sale that took place in a busy area of the store without floor mats—which is against store policy.

Briley’s legal team argued that because Walmart held the sale in a busy section of the store without safety equipment, Walmart should be accountable for Briley’s injuries.

A Federal Judge agreed with Briley’s argument and granted her case to proceed in court.

The Judge wrote, “…Texas law recognizes a narrow category of premises liability claims in which a condition on the premises is so inherently dangerous that the store-owner is on notice of the hazard without requiring the plaintiff to show when the risk materialized…”

Experienced Slip and Fall Attorneys

Even though each of these examples involves a slip and fall, the circumstances surrounding the case are fundamentally distinct. This is just one reason it’s important to hire experienced legal counsel in the event of a serious fall injury.

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