Last Halloween, Christopher Seal stepped into the road on North Academy Boulevard, north of Austin Bluffs Parkway. A Chevy Impala struck and killed him, making him apart of the 47 traffic-related deaths recorded in Colorado Springs last year, a record number of fatalities.

Last year, most collisions were at intersections, but these crashes didn’t involve two cars. Eleven accidents involved a vehicle and pedestrian, and eight involved a car and a bicycle or motorcycle.

Accidents can happen anywhere, but dangerous intersections may put certain travelers at a disadvantage or increased risk. If you’ve been in an accident, talk to an experienced Colorado Springs attorney who will fight hard to protect your rights. 

What Causes Crashes at Intersections?

An intersection is any place that two or more roads meet, and they post particular dangers as traffic merges or turns. When you add in Colorado’s many bicyclists and pedestrians there are even more opportunities for collisions.

Another simple cause stems from the fact that Colorado Springs is growing, which means more vehicles on the road. Subsequently, this also leads to more accidents.

Meanwhile, cell phone use while driving has increased across Colorado, and police have urged pedestrians to be alert for distracted drivers and to avoid jaywalking.

To help you stay safe on our roadways, we’ve compiled a list of the most dangerous intersections in Colorado Springs. 

Dangerous Intersections for Drivers in Colorado Springs 

A top intersection for accidents is near the new bypass on Cimarron connecting drivers to Highway 24 and 8th Street. That intersection suffers, on average, one or two accidents per week.

The intersections with the most car accidents in Colorado Springs all fall along I-25. These include:

  • I-25 and W Cimarron St
  • I-25 and S Nevada Ave and S Tejon St.
  • I-25 and W Garden of the Gods Rd.
  • I-25 and E. Woodmen Rd.
  • I-25 and W. Bijou St.
  • I-25 and N Nevada Ave.
  • I-25 and W. Uintah St.
  • I-25 and W. Fillmore St.
  • I-25 and S. Circle Dr.

The only intersection not along I-25 in the top ten for car crashes was N. Powers Blvd. and Barnes Rd., according to police data. 

Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians in Colorado Springs 

Two intersections especially hazardous for pedestrians in Colorado Springs are North Academy Boulevard at North Carefree Circle and East Pikes Peak Avenue at North Nevada Avenue. Several pedestrians were struck by cars at these intersections in 2017.

Jaywalking was a top cause for pedestrian casualties in Colorado Springs, according to policealways cross at intersections. 

Red Light Cameras in Colorado Springs 

Red light cameras went live in April at two intersections: East Platte Avenue and Chelton Road (heading east) and Briargate Boulevard and Lexington Boulevard (heading west).

What’s more, red light cameras are planned at Academy Boulevard and North Carefree Circle and at Academy Boulevard and Dublin Boulevard.

According to police, “The ‘Red Light Safety Camera Program’ aims to protect drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians from injuries or crashes caused by red-light running.”

What to Do If You’ve Been in an Accident

Even the most cautious drivers can be in an accident—especially if another driver is being careless behind the wheel. If you or a family member were injured as a result of negligent driving, talk to an experienced Colorado Springs car accident attorney.

Insurance companies do not prioritize an accident victim’s best interest above their profit margins. The injury lawyer at Norton Frickey P.C. can help you understand the case and your best legal options.

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