Summer is in full swing, but on August 14, it’s back to school for Colorado Springs students.

As your children and teens prepare to head back, here’s our roundup of the top ways to save on back-to-school essentials while keeping your kids safe.

What’s Happening in the Colorado Springs Area? 

The Kids Expo at the Chapel Hill Mall features free attractions including zoo animals and video game tournaments on Sunday, Aug. 18, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Back to School Event on Saturday, Aug. 10, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Citadel Mall will host local vendors and crafters showcasing their wares.

And don’t forget to check your local library for back-to-school events. They’re free and a great way to get your kids excited about education. 

Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies

Every parent knows, the cost for a year’s worth of student supplies adds up quickly. Throw in computer and tablet prices and parents can be expected to spend a small fortune!

How can you save? First, see what you have from last year that’s still in good condition. All those pens that hide in the back of your drawers can help you save money (and stay green).

Consider hosting a supply swap. Kids grow quickly and your children’s friends (along with their parents) may have clothing or extra supplies from a bulk buy that they may be willing to trade.

Watch for sales (and shop around online). While it might be more convenient to get all your supplies in one place, you may find the best price for folders isn’t at the store with the best deal on backpacks. Alternatively, check prices online.

Most major retailers have sales during back-to-school season, and you can save by comparing prices or even ordering supplies (especially technology) online.

Also, hold off on buying an entire year’s worth of clothing in August. While one or two new outfits may be needed, kids grow quickly and retailers often put clothing on sale in September. Waiting a few weeks can help you save on trends.

Finally, check thrift stores for good-as-new clothing and supplies marked well below retail prices. Click here to explore ratings of thrift shops in the Colorado Springs area.

Products to Help You Save (and Stay Green!)

Reusable Russbe monster-themed sandwich bags are cute and cost-effective. Available online, Fluf offers an organic cotton doggy bag, and Packit sells freezable lunch sacks.

Instead of disposable water bottles, keep your kids hydrated with Contigo stainless steel or BHA-free plastic water bottles that are designed not to leak. Arteesol also offers stainless steel, reusable sports water bottles.

You can also find college-ruled and wide-ruled reusable, erasable notebooks. Though you do have to use a special pen or marker for these, some cost as little as $12 online.

Technology & Resources to Keep Your Kids Safe 

New technology is also helping parents keep up with new challenges. 

Wearable GPS trackers for kids let you know where they are even if they don’t have their phones on them. Click here to read parent reviews.

Got kids on the go? Mophie cell phone chargers can help keep their batteries charged. The sturdy case lets you charge a phone up to four times without plugging it in.

And be sure to let your kids know that no matter what’s going on, there’s always someone available to talk to. Colorado’s Safe2Tell mobile app allows anyone to report concerns anonymously.

Additionally, the Colorado School Safety Resource Center has online resources and information on topics including bullying and online safety should parents or students need help navigating these complex topics. 

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From everyone at Norton Frickey P.C., we hope you and your family have a safe and memorable new school year. And while we hope you never need our services, know that we’re always ready to answer the call should you need an attorney.

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