About Norton Frickey P.C.

Norton Frickey was a Colorado legal legend. He began his career as a criminal defense attorney in 1957, and gained prominence by trying a number of high-profile cases. In the 1970’s he added to his practice and began representing Coloradans who had been injured in an accident, at work, or otherwise needed legal help.

In 1977, when the Supreme Court lifted the ban on advertising by lawyers, Norton Frickey became one of the first attorneys in the nation to advertise legal services to the public. When he retired from active law practice in 1988, Norton Frickey P.C. continued his vision of serving the people of Colorado by providing the legal services that the community needs.

That vision continues today as Norton Frickey P.C. strives to live up to that legacy, and the long history of service, by working for the people of Colorado.
If you find yourself in need of legal advice, contact Norton Frickey P.C., the firm that has been helping the people of Colorado for decades.

Craig Valentine

Craig Valentine


Craig R. Valentine, managing attorney of Norton Frickey P.C., represents consumers and injured people throughout Colorado and across the country. He litigates cases involving insurance, personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, governmental torts, and other types of cases. He has worked on cases for thousands of plaintiffs with total recoveries worth over $1billion.

The legal system can be intimidating, but Craig strives to make it understandable and approachable, and to make the process easier for his clients. Too often the system seems rigged in favor of large companies at the expense of those who have been hurt. Craig strives to even the playing field for his clients, and get his clients the best possible outcome.

Craig graduated from high school in the Denver area, and has lived in Colorado Springs since finishing law school. He received his bachelor degree from BYU, and his J.D. from Washington University in St. Louis.

In his free time, Craig is on the sideline cheering for his four kids in their various sports and activities, or out on the whitewater of the Arkansas River. He also volunteers as a Commissioner on the Colorado Springs Independent Ethics Commission.

Justine Gutierrez

Justine Gutierrez


Justine Gutierrez, Paralegal at Norton Frickey P.C., began working for Norton Frickey in March. She brings with her prior experience in personal injury as well as in Social Security Disability. Justine comes from a diverse background and has a passion for helping people from all walks of life. As a Paralegal, Justine works closely with clients throughout their entire claim, from initial contact to settlement. She strives to provide each client with the time and attention they need and ensure that every detail is in order.

Justine graduated from high school in Yakima, Washington where she grew up. She moved to Colorado Springs in 2011 after completing her Paralegal Certificate at Perry Technical Institute and immediately fell in love with Colorado.

In her free time, Justine enjoys hiking and camping in the mountains, fishing, painting, and rooting for the Seattle Seahawks. She also volunteers in her community for various groups and organizations that are important to her.

Calder Larsen

Calder Larsen

Legal Assistant

Calder M. Larsen, legal assistant at Norton Frickey P.C., has been working in our office since January. Calder is great with people and loves interacting with and meeting new people wherever he goes.  He believes in lasting connections and that the relationships and friendships we make on a day-to-day basis last much longer than this life alone.

As a legal assistant at Norton Frickey, Calder is usually the first person our clients interact with at our firm. His warm personality makes it easier for new clients to discuss the personal details of their claim.

In 2014 Calder graduated from a high school in a rural town in Southern Colorado and recently moved to Colorado Springs to attend The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He is currently pursuing a business degree in Finance.

In his free time, Calder loves to be outside exploring the wilderness. He enjoys various outdoor activities including: surfing, fishing, camping, snowboarding, and riding his mountain bike. Calder also enjoys playing traditional sports and has been doing so from a young age.