Insurance Bad Faith Claims


Insurance bad faith is when an insurance company fails to act within the terms of that contract, or as it is required to act by law. This may happen if it fails to promptly or properly defend or pay a claim, or offers to pay an unreasonably low amount for your injuries. An insurance company has a duty to deal fairly with its customers. Whenever your insurance company fails to honor its obligations in its contract with you, you may have a claim for bad faith.

Insurance policies are interpreted to carry out the reasonable expectations of the insured. In most cases, any unclear terms will be interpreted to benefit the insured. To win a claim for bad faith, you do not have to prove that the company meant to harm you, only that it failed to honor their policy and had no reasonable basis to not pay your claim.

If you have questions about insurance bad faith claims, you can read our list of common questions about bad faith insurance or contact our law firm for a free consultation.

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